The hate campaign against rangers continues

The last few weeks have seen the ongoing hate campaign against Rangers Football Club and its fans continue without any serious challenge from either the mainstream media or the Scottish Government.

Banners calling for the genocide of protestants (for whom the codeword used by haters is 'huns'), effigies intended to represent Rangers fans and protestants being lynched, malicious damage to the team bus (including despicable references to the Ibrox disaster), the list goes on and on.

From the dismissive attitude of journalists and politician in Scotland to these frightening events one can only draw the conclusion that they tacitly support this kind of discriminatory behaviour.

We can only hope that action is taken before the hate campaign reaches an even more extreme level, with someone being seriously injured or worse.

Unfortunately the lack of any real political leadership in Scotland, and the subservience of the media, mean that any positive action to stem this tide of hate is unlikely.